Upper Left       Enabling the Information Super Skyway—GPRS from Symmetry


Copy                People all over the world have come to expect fast, reliable, and easily accessible wireless communications—and now they're demanding faster ways to access data with applications as diverse as e-mail, file transfer protocol, Internet browsers, and even real-time video teleconferencing. Wireless service providers who want to remain competitive must keep pace with this demand. Symmetry's GSN (General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Support Node) is specifically designed to help them do just that. It’s the best technology to get your customers up to a wireless skyway of information. Symmetry products can be quickly installed and easily integrated into existing wireless networks, and they're all scalable, because we expect your business to grow.





Lower Left       Higher Data Transmission Speeds Using Fewer RF Resources = Higher Profits


Copy                GPRS is the most advanced wireless data communications technology available today. Now Symmetry is bringing this innovative technology to wireless providers everywhere. Among the many advantages that GPRS offers over yesterday's circuit-switched wireless data systems is ‘Always-On connectivity. And whether your clients are using the Internet or private intranets, their data is transferred at rates of up to 150 kbps. Unlike circuit-switched systems, GPRS multiplexes many users' data, which increases existing GSM network efficiency and decreases the cost per user. And because valuable RF resources are used only during actual data transmission, both users and wireless providers enjoy a considerable savings. Symmetry GSN-enabled high-speed wireless e-mail, fax, and network connectivity are bound to attract new users, which, of course, means increased profits for their providers.







Upper Right      Symmetry 2000 GPRS Server Node—A Winning Solution


Copy                Symmetry 2000 GSN enables third generation wireless networks for fax, e-mail, the Internet, teleconferencing, and corporate Intranets, all with continuous connectivity and data transmission rates up to 150 kbps. And the initial investment for integration into existing GSM wireless networks is minimal. Furthermore, the Symmetry 2000 GSN incorporates non-proprietary hardware and standards-based software designed for your future; it's readily scalable to accommodate increased user demands. Because packet based data transmission requires no dial-up connection, as many as 50,000 simultaneously attached users and 2000 active users can be connected through a single Symmetry 2000 installation.


As a wireless service provider you win because we use only industry standard components, ranging from off-the-shelf Sun hardware to an integrated Oracle database that stores configuration, performance, and billing information. We tie together all these components with our own modular software and with interfaces designed and tested according to ETSI standards. Another winning feature: the Symmetry 2000 GSN will fit your needs, whether you’re integrating a single one-card GGSN office node or our massive 80 Mbps ‘data-cruncher’ in redundant 16-slot chassis. Because you need not replace your existing infrastructure, you’ll win with our guaranteed interoperability even if other suppliers GPRS nodes are being used.



Speed, flexibility, scalability, standardization, easy installation, efficient RF utilization, and low entry cost—Symmetry 2000 GSN creates a win-win-win situation for wireless service providers, and their customers.








Right Bottom    New Wireless Demands + Real Wireless Experience = Better Solutions


Copy                One good idea just naturally engenders another. The management team at

Symmetry has developed better products out of extensive experience in the wireless industry. They’ve taken good ideas and revolutionized them to meet today's new demands and to anticipate tomorrow's. At Symmetry, all the members of the product development team understand more than their particular expertise. They know the entire field because they're the creative minds that developed the technology while working with the industry's leading companies. Now they've all come together at Symmetry, pooling their insight and experience to create new products to take wireless networks into the third generation, and then the next, and the next.






Back                Symmetry—The Leader in Wireless Data


Copy                Located in San Jose, the capital of progressive technology, Symmetry develops infrastructure solutions for the third generation wireless networks. The company's technology is ideally suited to wireless carriers who want to reduce the costs of providing mobile General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) data services. Symmetry uses both advanced system-design techniques and standard protocols such as GSM to create unique and reliable products that provide cost-effective shared-data capabilities, making wireless data and multimedia services available without large capital outlay. Symmetry's products increase the performance and the value of most current technologies offered by MSC and BSC providers today.