Glenda Sharp
88 Surrey Lane
San Rafael, California 94903
Home: (415) 472-5757 Mobile: (415) 472-5858 


Qualifications and Skills:

Systems Administration Home and Office
Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 network administration, UNIX,  Windows 95, Windows 98, Mac OS, Network Security, NIS, DNS, LAN, NFS, Solaris, SunOS, IRIX, AIX, OSF, HPUX, and others.

Office Skills

Microsoft products: Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Outlook; Quick Books

IBM Lotus products: Word Pro, Lotus Notes, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Approach; client phone support


Hardware Support and Development
Specification, installation and updating of Desktop computing systems, networking appliances, SOHO wireless. Developed High Speed Graphics backplane, CAD entry, prototyping regulatory testing, fault analysis, Repair and installation of networked computer systems from mainframe to laptop.

Freelance Writer

Copy for advertising, marketing collateral, the web, technical writing and documentation

Trainer and Course Developer

Copy for advertising, marketing collateral, the web, technical writing and documentation

Software Development
C, sh, csh, HTML, Sybase Open Client API, SQL, 4GL, Embedded SQL/C, Windows4GL, C++, Java, Clearcase, Perforce, jdb, adb, dbx, sdb and debug, pascal, fortran, basic, Z80 assembly, OO and structured methodologies

RDBMS DBA and Application Development
Sybase, Ingres, Informix, Encina, CICS, Top End, Tuxedo

Customer and Software Support
backline, OEM, VAR, strategic partners, direct user and engineering triage

NASD registered representative Series 7 and Series 66

ISSA Personal Trainer

Professional Experience:

Wells Fargo (06/2005-05/2006)
Licensed Personal Banker
NASD licensed, brokerage and banking account sales and service.


Self Employed (1998--6/2005)
SOHO Technologist, Researcher, and Producer of Marketing Collateral

Specification, installation, and repair of home and office networked computing systems. Installation, training and problem resolution for home and office software, including virus removal and network security.   Web research and resource specialist. Producer of creative marketing collateral for a variety of projects, including: web sites, brochures, catalogs, headlines, and taglines.

Sybase (3 years)
Senior Software Engineer
XA Development Group, Connectivity Products and Server Products
Development, sustaining, testing, and porting of the XA-Library and XA-Server product group. Member of two to three person team responsible for the middleware product that enabled the use of various X/Open XA compliant transactions managers with the Sybase database engine

Interactive Development Environments (1.5 years, 1994-1995)
Senior Support Engineer
Primary company wide contact for Sybase (SQL Server delivered as part of StP product). Developed internal and external web pages. Member engineering committees. Designed and wrote scripts for new product release and utilities for support use. Provided support and training to customer base, coworkers, and field engineers.

ASK, Ingres, Relational Technology (6 years, 1988-1994)
Senior Member Technical Staff
SMTS, Customer Services and Support, Backline Group
Provided technical expertise to staff of world wide CS organizations. Technical liaison between development and support. Member compatibility library engineering committee. Reviewed bug reports and knowledge base documents for accuracy and completeness. Developed and conducted training for sales and support.
SMTS, OEM and Strategic Partner Support Provided technical interface to Ingres development for, and technical assistance to external (OEM) support organizations. Principal account managed: DEC, Ultrix/SQL. Acted as primary interface between DEC engineering support groups and Ingres engineering. Other accounts: SCO, Intergraph, Tandem, Data General, Cray, Hewlett-Packard, Member product planning committee for Digital based ports. Designed and delivered 1 week Ingres internals course to external support organizations.
Customer Support, UNIX Group Supported Ingres customer base on all Ingres products (RDBMS, STAR Distributed Database, Ingres Net, ABF, SQL, QUEL, VIFRED, QBF, ISQL, IQUEL, Report Writer, VIGRAPH, and Embedded pre-compilers for C, ADA FORTRAN, and COBOL. Primary developer of SH script based server configuration tools for Ingres release 6. Support coordinator for major rework of release 6.2.

PIXAR (6 years with Lucasfilm/Pixar, 1982-1988)
Associate Engineer
Member of hardware engineering team involved in development, manufacturing, and regulatory testing for the Pixar Image Computer. Designed and implemented manufacturing database (Informix). Supervised and trained technical staff.

Principal Engineering Technician
Used and maintained in-house developed CAD system. Performed graphics hardware test and maintenance. Built, tested, and maintained prototype graphics hardware.

University of California San Francisco, Research and Development Lab (2 years, 1979-1982)
Principal Electronics Technician

Qantel Computers (1.5 years, 1978-1979)
Bench Technician

U.S. Navy (8.5 years, 1970-1978)
Cryptographic, Communications Technician

References: Available upon request.